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Holding her poop in

My daughter is nealy 6 years old she have been holding her poop in since she was a baby she been on movicol for 5 years she's even holding it in right now we used 2 help her go by crabbing her really quickly sitting down and holding her both legs up and apart and it would come out but can't do it now coz she's 2 big 2 hold can u give me any advice

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You may want to try reading through my short blog for children with her, telling the story of what happened when I withheld my poop as a child:


Hi there. I am no expert and have only just joined but I do have experience of this with my little girl who is almost 5. I use a step at the toilet for my little girl to push down onto with her feet.....we also blow bubbles at the same time. May be worth a try.....good luck, it's such a difficult problem isn't it......


She all so have never had a proper poo she only ever have a proper one when I do help her


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