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Is he impacted??? Help


My son is 4 since feb, he's had issues with being constipated, trained since he was just over 2 1/2, he never got the poo right, he has a fear of going the poo after having a really bad time of being constipated, no issues with wee, so after not been educated on what was going on with him, I never realised he wasn't soiling himself on purpose. (Sneaky Poo)

So he was on 1 movical a day for a good while, went the doc last mon and he put him up to 2 movical, now my worry is is he impacted that I have to do a clear out so he gets the urge to go, how can I get him to that stage? Should I continue the 2 sachets till the end of the month till I go back to the docs? He's starting school in sept so that is another big worry for me, he goes to Playschool now and only recently he stopped going poo in pants there so he's withholding, since mon I give him movical after Playschool and before bed hoping he will go the next day before school, I don't know what to be doing with going to the park, do I keep him in I feel like I can't go to places in case he has an accident, I go have him on toilet/potty after breakfast/school and dinner but he's always on the toilet potty he could have loads of poos during the day, I have left his pants off going around the house but he just hides crosses his legs and poos on the floor, he WILL tell me he needs to go but after he has already gone in his pants, sorry for the long post I just don't know what to do? I'm so confused to where to start, I just want this sorted before school


S x

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Hi there we have been dealing with this for over four years . Things have improved loads but there is no magic fix. It sounds like you need to do a disimpaction take a look a you tube by a nurse Sandra Hanson On you tube, disimpaction with macrogol( movicol) All this will have caused loss of sensitivity in th bowel ie loss of urge to push. You could try this during the holidays and then get to a maintenance dose probably of one or two sachets. Also it apparently takes 36hours for the movicol to take effect. Good luck X

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Thank u soo much for your reply, going to see the doc on Thursday so hopefully she will give me the go ahead, I also found very good website and video if anyone else is having the same problem, I've looked up soo much my head is all over the place but after looking at their video I got a more understanding, so hopefully I can start next week as he is off for 2 weeks, thank u again x


You're so welcome . Good luck xx

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