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Despairing with Desmopressin

Hi, this is my first post on here but am desp for some advice. My son is 7 and a half and has never had a dry night in his life. We have tried absolutely everything and finally we got a referral to the bedwetting clinic earlier this year. We have been given desmopressin as they are pretty convinced that he is lacking the hormone which concentrates his wee overnight due to the sheer volume of wee he is producing while he sleeps. For the first two weeks, he took one tablet a night, and out of 14 nights we had four dry nights, which doesn't sound much, but was a miracle to us! We have taken away the sleep nappies, so we know when he is wet etc. However, the mornings when he was wet, he was absolutely soaking - huge wet patches. What is puzzling us is we were told we would know quite quickly if it would work as he would be dry, or not if dry, the wee would be a lot less. We seem to have had it work completely, then not work at all. We have upped the dose the past four nights to two tablets as advised, but he has been soaking every night. Because he is waking up wet - usually between 4am and 6am - although sometimes earlier - he is really tired and i feel this is becoming a vicious circle and it is upsetting him. However i want to persevere for the next two weeks as advised just to see if something suddenly clicked as i feel now we have been left with a confusing picture.

Sorry for the long post - it is typed with very tired eyes! If anyone has any similar experience with the desmopressin, i would hugely appreciate some advice....



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Unfortunately we've not used desmopressin for Bumble, so no experience to speak from I'm afraid. I can resonate with your feeling confused however. We've had a small handful of dry nights ever and none at all recently. Go with your instinct, if you feel it would be better to continue for a full picture, but equally if more of you feels it isn't helpful for your son & is making him unhappy, then ask for an appointment sooner. Over the last 7 months or so, I've found it really hard to manage the medication too, xx


Hi, my son is the same age and he has never had a dry night. He has been on desmopressin for about 6 weeks now and still no dry nights. Even though he is going every day the clinic are telling us to give him movicol. It's so frustrating!! Hope you get somewhere soon


My son was the same - Now 13 and trying Eric bed alarm with voice recording, noise & vibration. Keep at it for 2-3 months. We've been 10 weeks & gradual improvement - just had 5 dry night guys in a row!

Good luck.


My daughter aged 5 has never had a dry night....or day. Hope things improve for you and more dry nights follow very soon for you


In the same situation with Desmo at the moment.... I realise this is an old thread, are there any updates...? Do we persevere with desmo...?? (We have upped the dosage and it makes little or no difference, still no dry nights....)


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