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First school trip to beach in July... Help please

Bumbles class have not yet had their official letter through book bag, but I've been made aware of a school trip in July.

After talking with a couple of mums and one in particular (who used to teach), I started coming to the conclusion that my husband might have to take the day off so she can go in the car. Travelling anywhere for an hour or more, difficult, but wouldn't be a good idea on a coach full which can't stop as soon as she needs to go - however many times she needs to go!

I'm looking for help/advice/experience of managing. School trips please? Implementing routines/care plans for the trip and whether we should be her carer for the day or not, I.e balance of responsibility, what should the school be expected to put in place.


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How helpful and understanding are the school? If her teacher is approachable then it might be a good starting place to have meeting with them first and get an idea of what they are or are not prepared to do and what they would find helpful. My son's school is always asking for parental volunteers anyway and perhaps there will be a toilet provided on the coach. Sorry I can't be more help.

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I have had to cope with the stress of school trips so understand your concern.

Is it weeing or poo accidents you are concerned about or both? As previous poster said school often ask for parent helpers, could your husband offer rather than drive down separately.

I think it would depend on the school too. My daughters school are great and a teacher has always agreed to deal with any poo accidents on trips I haven't been on, I always offer to help but they have to let other parents go too so the Ines I haven't been on caused me much stress. Thankfully no accidents have ever happened.

As DeeOwen also said there maybe a toilet on the coach. I think you may find it helpful to share all your concerns with school and see what they say.

School trips are meant to be fun aren't they but for some of us the break from routine is just a very stressful thought.


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School trips are a constant worry! I'm already worrying about our first residential one coming up next year......

I think the others are right though, it's worth starting with the school to understand their position. I've always been lucky and teachers have been supportive. They knew to make sure my daughter went to the toilet whenever there was an opportunity (she knew too - we'd practiced whenever we went out as a family!) and they knew she had spare clothes with her just in case.

On long family trips, flights especially, we've also used "special knickers" that she'd just wear for the journey they had extra protection but are a bit better than pull ups (I think you can get them in the ERIC shop or lots of other places online). Might just help her be a bit more confident too and mean she could enjoy the trip and stay with all her friends.

Keep positive though, it's amazing how few accidents we ever actually had when it really came to it!!


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