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Hi folks. Hope everyone is well.

We currently have our 4 year old on a bladder retraining regime. We measure each cup at about 160 ml and time her Wobl watch to every hour and 40 minutes. I'm trying to find the info which gives a proper idea of how much liquid per cup so we can decide wether or not to increase the volume a little as we have had a couple of dry days. We also can't decide if we should also extend the time between each toilet visit by another 5 minutes or just increase the liquid volume first. Any suggestions welcome.

I would wait until Monday to ask the nursery nurse team but frankly I'm a bit impatient.

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  • As long as she is having 1000-1400 MLS a day, evenly spaced throughout the day, My daughter has this spread over 7 drinks a day, i think that is recommended amount for 4-6 year olds. I personally would wait until she is a bit more successful on dry days before extending the time between wee's. Hope that helps

  • Hi TMMZ. We upped her to about 180 per cup every 2 hours. After a terrible few days, they have now referred her. So glad I did a chart for 2 weeks plotting everything out. They suspect she had a crazily overactive bladder.

  • glad you have a referral, well done on a two week chart!! X

  • It was hard work but I wanted to cross all my tees and dot all my I's. I do feel somewhat exonerated that it wasn't me being a bad toilet trainer. I think it is to the enuresis team first so hopefully hospital intervention is not on the cards yet. Between that and our son's on and off constipation and night time wetting problems, I'm going a bit batty lol! Hope all is going well with you xx

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