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Returning bed wetting


Hi everyone. I'm hoping for a bit of help. My daughter is 5 and a half and has been dry overnight since she was 3 with the odd, very rare, accident.

She started school in September and has seemed very happy.

For three weeks or so before half term in Feb she started wetting the bed at night and also having accidents through the day at home.

The day time accidents stopped when I let her have the potty back (we are renovating the main upstairs bathroom and it's scaring her all the odd bits of dangling things). I also offered rewards for using the loo.

Over half term the night time wetting stopped too, but came back the day she went to school.

We follow the same routine of her going to the loo last thing. She's not constipated and going regularly. I'm stumped

Can anyone suggest anything else? She's starting to get upset that it happens even though I she is ALWAYS reassured that it's not her fault and is comforted not told off.

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Have you checked her fluid intake? Often when children are at school, their fluid intake drops and they get day and night wetting. At 5 yrs you should be aiming for 1.2 litres of fluid a day. Also any upheaval or emotional upset, good or bad(renovations) ,can start night wetting. If she is wetting a very large amount of wee at night, she may need some desmopressin from her GP to help reduce the night time volume.

Thank you so much for replying Fran.

At the moment I would say she is drinking enough. She has milk first thing, Approx 500ml water at school, And another large glass of water, often 2, with dinner.

I wonder if the stress of renovation (fear of the different look of the house) COMBINED with school tiredness is all compounding

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