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Withholding behavioural therapy?

Hi, has anyone received behavioural therapy for a poo withholding child? Further to suggestion of routines, and sneaky poo type books? My nearly five year old boy withholds poo a lot leading to frequent soiling all day. He is not distressed by pain of passing, and in progress recently definitely can pass stools in the right place, but mostly ignores the feeling and the resulting mess. Doing all the obvious, rewards, routines etc so after a bit more if we can find it.

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Just to wish you luck and hope there is some kind of therapy out there. My son is 9 and he holds so much and almost wants to tell his body he doesn't want to wee & poo. He now restricts his food & fluid to try to help do this - he is now with camhs. We tried everything like reward charts etc etc but they didn't interest him but he never poo in the right place etc - I do hope that there is additional support for you out there as I tried books, charts, rewards, you name it and was always told to keep persevering but he just doesn't care- I know my case is probably worst case and if he is poo in the right place that's brilliant - keep looking for ways to help xx


Hello, I've never posted here before but reading this I can relate totally!

My son is also 9 and currently in hospital having his bowel cleared. He's under CAMHs as well but have never met anyone with this before.

The hospital have told me this doesn't happen at this age and have made to feel awful.

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Doe your 9 year old see a psychologist within camhs - it's taken so long to get help. Please don't feel bad it does happen to kids as here we all are! its horrendous enough without the parents made to feel bad 😒

Every day is challenging and its isolating, upsetting and difficult for me to understand not alone all our family etc

I can't find books on it etc but I do hope one day it's a faded memory....



Ask your GP or Incontinence service to see a psychologist if they have one as I know not every area has one attached to them.

To be honest it was more like me being in therapy than my son but we came out of it knowing that he didn't have the body awareness that comes with maturity and that he will progress as he grows. All children are different so you may gain more than we did.

Like the other poster my son tried to stop eating as he knew that's where poo came from and was 7 at the time. Things have improved for us a little over time

Anything is worth trying.

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There's a chance he could be impacted if he is soiling but you may already have that covered. My daughter was soiling for a few months until I called Eric in desperation and they instantly said it sounded like she was impacted and told me how to disimpact. She then stopped having accidents straight away. Our troubles are now more around withholding so have to use movicol to keep them soft.

I'm currently disimpact of now after she withheld for a few days!


Sorry I'm not able to help, I can understand the search you're on for something more though, xx


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