Heavy bedwetting

Hi there,

Our ASD son is nearly 7 (in March) and still wets very heavily at night. He takes circadian to help him sleep so doesn't feel the signal to use the bathroom. Even if he did he wouldn't be able to drop back off to sleep.

We have tried every pull up we could find and all of them leak. The cold wetness then wakes him up (normally around 3am) and he rarely goes back to sleep.

We have asked for a referral to the eneurisis consultant but that is likely to be a while off. Does anyone have any pull up or similar recommendations we could try in the meantime?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello there, my daughter has bladder retention due to a blockage, so although she can't really go to the toilet properly during the day, when she lays down of a nighttime, everything relaxes, blockage moves, it's like the heavens open, we have been using tena lady pants for her, she us a very slight child, nothing of her and she is 12, she is in size small but boots do extra small for smaller wastes, we have been happy with them as like you say other pull ups don't come close to protecting her, I would definitely recommend them, hope this helps, sorry I'm new here, don't want to repeat anything you've already heard but it's just my advice, good luck xx


Hi Charlie5Angel, that's really helpful, thank you. We had been trialling the Libero nighttime pants by Tena, but they're no better. Will have a look at the Tena lady pants and see if they're any better!

Thank you for taking the time to reply xx

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