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3 year old suffers from Chronic Constipation and passes 'flat' stools

Hi, my little one has suffered with constipation pretty much since new born. Now in 3rd monthof taking movicol and in last week lactose as well. Bowel movements are still only once a week and the last few months have been 'flat'.

Am I right to feel concerned about this and what should I expect GP to advise?

Thank you

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I would up the movical. There is point taking it with lactoluse as they are both stool softeners you need something like senna as that pushes the poo through


Thanks for your help, I will mention this to the GP at next visit as they prescribed Lactose on last visit.


I would discuss with the GP about being referred to a specialist Incontinence service (if there is one in your area).

The movical should soften his poo but he might benefit from having meds that stimulate the body to actually go. These help with getting them to realise what the signals are when they need to go.

If he's only going once a week he mostly likely needs to be cleared out completely and the GP could get this started while you're on half term. Perfect timing as it takes a few days.

When you say flat is it like he's using his bum muscules to stop the poo coming out? Rather than relaxing. Try getting him to squat while in the shower this is our natural pooing position before we had loo's and our bums are more relaxed in this position. i know it sounds bizarre but if he relaxes his bum he might just go without discomfort. (Scoop and flush!!!)

Getting him to poo without feeling any discomfort is a step in the right direction, if he only goes once a week he's might have no feeling in the nerves around his bum or be concerned about pain he's felt in the past and now holds onto the poo in case it's going to hurt.


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