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Advice please

My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with an overactive bladder 5 years ago and put on ditropan. This helped to begin with but now seems not to be making any difference. She is wetting around 6-8 times a day now, her classmates are beginning to notice and her teacher is starting to be concerned at the amount of lesson time she is missing whilst she leaves to change her clothes. I am more and more tempted to put her in a pull up but can't find any that are big enough for her now. Any suggestions or tips would be greatfully received.

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My daughter is similar and currently using nighttime pull-ups in day as they fit well . Also Boots xs ladies disposable incontinence pants are white so less obvious. We sometimes put pads inside so a quick change can happen to especially in tights- wearing seasons!


Hi there. I think we messaged over the Vesicare bladder medication!

When my son saw the Healthy Bladder clinic we were told not to put him in pull ups as they begin to rely on them, which I understand but when your child is being affected emotionally, especially at school then I say do what you think would make your daughter happier! I recently bought a pack of Dry Nights Pyjama pants for age 8-10 to use in the daytime for day long car journeys or when he's going through the bowel clear out! Think they were from Sainsbury's or Tesco but the age 8-10 are a bit big for my 7year old. Think they have a smaller size and they do just the job. Maybe she could wear pants over the top of the pyjama pants to make it bit more discreet.

Another recommendation, is request a letter from your medical contact, where it's urology nurse or doctor, ask f they can write a letter explaining your daughters condition and she must be given special permission to go to the loo or get changed as and when. Schools have an obligation to take care of welfare of all children I've received my letter today and will arrange a meeting with my sons head teacher and request the letter be read out to all staff at their next meeting and it also be passed onto additional staff say lunchtime cover.

Hope that helps a bit ?!


we use dry nights for our 5yo in age 4-7 I think it is. We mainly buy from savers for £3.50 or on a multibuy in boots or somewhere else. We've only been gi ing her ditropan for a few months, but not convinced its enough or the right medication. That said, we can't manage without it as had a few full wee accidents over Christmas. We've used the "dry like me" pads, for a few occasions but went through a box of 14 in two days! We found those in Asda, for £3 but my husband then got them for £2 roll back price when taking Amelia to a birthday party. Not sure any of that helps!! We're awaiting a referral to consultant.


Thanks for everyone's replies. We have also tried dry like me but she just uses it like a nappy and so we end up having to change her clothes anyway. We are already seeing a urologist but currently Oxybutynin is the only drug licensed for use in children. We have an appointment with a paediatrician next week, mainly to investigate other issues that we are concerned about.

Sharing all of this with others in similar situations is a god send as for a long time I have felt like we are the only family going through this, so thank you for all your comments.


Don't forget to ask about Tolterodine as an alternative to try to oxybutinin. If your child's case is strong enough the medical professionals at the hospital can instruct GPS to prescribe the "non-licensed" bladder medications. Third option is vesicare


Hi kcm. Hope you ll answer me. How is everything going 2 years later?


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