Hello I'm new here, I just wanted to talk a little bit about William and his poo.

William is 7 years old and at specialist school, heven enjoys school and is a very sociable yet delayed happy little boy.

William has always had a problem with poo it always hurts there is always drama when he goes to the toilet to poo. He doesn't go to the toilet everyday even though he is on latulose twice daily. He will tear and bleed his tummy goes hard and he complains of tummy aches. One week William didn't go for 7 days even though he is on latulose. I don't know if I should start a poo diary.

William is under a haematologist who also acts as a paediatrician due to his sickle cell she's fantastic.

Everytime William goes to the toilet his poo is big and hard like really big and hard. I just wanted some more advice on what to do or what I can do to help him so it's not so traumatic.

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  • Hi Diana - nice to have you in the community. Don't have any info for you (though there are some nurses on the board who might) but hope William gets that sorted out, sounds sore poor lad. All the best with it

  • Hi Diana . my name is Amy I have a 5 year who has suffered since the age of 18 months the longest kane as not open his bowels was for 27 days . kane is still under Dr's and on medication and we have good days and bad days but I just wanted to let you know you can get a Bristol stool chart from Eric UK on Web page and also a stool cart too so you can show the doctorsame the patten of William stools also if you search let's talk about poo there is a video winch me and kane and Dr raJi from CBeebies done to help others and i do hope this helps you and William.

  • Yes thank you so much