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Malecare's Role in Prostate Cancer Research


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Malecare supports prostate cancer research in several dynamic ways, several of which you already know. We raise research funding, provide accrual support, conduct investigations and patent-worthy inventions in-house, and collaborate on research with leading universities.

Did you know that Malecare also teaches? Since 2018, Malecare has hosted interns and provided on-site learning days for students from global universities such as Princeton and the University of Perugia. During 2020, Malecare taught 21 interns from Canada (the University of Toronto, University of York, University of British Columbia) and the USA (Columbia University, Albany State, and Arizona State University). Each student completed a thesis or post-doc project focused on prostate cancer investigations or innovations. Some of these projects will continue through Spring 2021. All this in addition to our pioneering work in prostate cancer patient and family psycho-social support. Volunteers contribute thousands of hours, but we also do things for which money is the only way forward. Please support our work with your kind and generous donation. Please donate at

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