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Do Vacuum pumps really work?


Please share your experience with vacuum pumps. If they "really " work," why aren't more men content in using them?

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The medical grade pumps are the best. But they cast hundreds of dollars. It is uncomfortable to pull the band around your junk after it is fully engorged. I have experienced more positives just using the pump gradually daily over a 3 month period to keep all the blood vessels in good working order. Personally the tri mix is tough to inject, but the end result is 16 year old hard ons all over again.

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I had also tried the medical grade pumps and the bands were the worse part of the experience. Now I use the over the counter cockring that seems to work ok and not the head ache of the bands.

put it simply, vacuum pump is a small medieval torture device. By the time the suction sucks the blood in the penis, it's painful as it is, then the rubber band snapped like a tourniquet around your member. The pain totally deadens any kind of erotic feeling. Torture chamber that's all it is

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That's unfortunate for you, chum. I've been using the Vacurect device for 12 months after prostate surgery. Although I had a nerve sparing procedure, there is always some ED involved. I've found the Vacurect to be easy to use. Rather than having to 'snap' an elastic ring onto my cock once I attain an 'at attention' status, the Vacurect ring is already on the base of the General as he is sucked into the tube. One merely removes the tube and voila, one has a stiffy for the edification and satisfaction of one's lady. Might I suggest getting a Vacurect, or persoist with what you have. It took me a while to get it right.

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Can you buy this vacurect ring separately, and use it on the vacupump? If so, where do you buy it?

put it simply, vacuum pump is a small medieval torture device. By the time the suction sucks the blood in the penis, it's painful as it is, then the rubber band snapped like a tourniquet around your member. The pain totally deadens any kind of erotic feeling. Torture chamber that's all it is

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Agree. Totally and utterly useless for intercourse. Not sure about it's value for penile rehabilitation.

The tricky part is holding it against you with enough force so that your scrotum doesn't get sucked into the chamber. Keep your finger near the release at all times- you don't want THAT to happen!

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DS_WAVL, Exactly. THIS F_ _ _ _N Vacuum pump is really a medieval torture devise. You GOT THAT right about watching your scrotum being pulled in. The pump is USELESS for intercourse..useless. After about 2 weeks of trying to manage this torture devise, it remains brand new in the box. The pain of the rubber band around the cock base is excruciating. The only thing that works is the penile injections Tri-max or something similar. Problem with injections: 1) Bleeding 2) bruising 3) time needed to go into the bathroom to Inject yourself 4) Romantic? Yeah right. You also cannot inject more than 3x a week or risk developing hematomas .I have looked at surgical videos for the penile implant.. The operation does not seem bad actually. However, the whole Idea of have 3 "balls" in your sack, one being the pump and the reservoir capsule deep in your lower abdomen, plus your cock head remains flaccid, and cock shaft gets very hard, displaying a LOPSIDED cock while erect, not handsome... This does not enthralle my interest or male eroticism. So the pills, pump, does not work, leaving one with either the implant or the injections to be able to perform as a MAN should... Sorry , not be able to react as a normal male, is something I have not gotten over.

Totally agree. The pumps does not work and is very uncomfortable, actually painful. I tried using it in the shower and found that this wasn't so bad but it was really only helpful in stretching out the penile tissue.

I used the vacuum pump for a couple of years and it basically worked. Main issue other than the band is your penis cools down after a few minutes and the natural feeling for you partner can be affected. At the time I used it (15 years ago) my medical insurance paid for it because my impotence was caused by a medical condition. (cancer) Most all penis enlargers work to some extent, but none of them are anything close to the natural way.


I agree, the bands are uncomfortable, don't really maintain the erection and are painful to remove. So I never use the pump for penetration but I do use it almost daily to promote blood flow and to maintain size - for that the pump is essential and I wouldn't be without it

The medically approved Pros-T-Vac brand routinely specified by insurance providers are crude, obscenely ineffective and overpriced. Besides torturing your psyche, the 'erection' is not pleasurable or erect...merely engorged & distended.

Supposedly the hydro-VED's are actually fun and safer. But they are never covered by insurance.

when I when I use the vacuum and snap that rubber band around my cock, I felt like someone was cutting it off the most horrible experience

Pumps work but snapping that rubber band tightly around your penis never helps the mood lol. Plus the erection fades away as u use it (I'm down to the smallest rubber now trying to maintain ). I do use it daily in the shower to keep the blood vessels flowing though (without the band). I payed $500 for it and it's not covered by insurance. All in all it works (some), it's expensive, it's not sexy but it is a useful tool.

They "work" sort of, the effects typically take a long time and don't necessarily increase the length drastically or girth. Personally they are effective up to a point.

I bought one in bling hope - waste of money - did nothing but cost me money - but you'll try anything in hope - still looking & hoping

Vacuums are surprisingly effective. Medical grade ones normally provide patient training. At least some of the companies proper pumping technique and pumping intervals is pretty critical to comfort I think. The fully round rings are worthless and painful for sure, some of the anatomical ones with notches or the adjustable ones are best.

Technique is critical to success so it's important to do your research on what companies offer patient training. As far as them working there are many published medical papers and trials have good evidence about the therapeutic effects of using one simply for exercise to prevent atrophy.

Does anyone get lymphatic build-up with regular use of vacuum pumps? How often do you use them? And when you do, what is your pumping itinerary (do you just pump once to maximum potential or do you release and pump a few times to gather the blood slowly)?

I use a sex store pump for two fifteen minute sessions a day. Between each session I massage my penis for five minutes. I have a large enough cylinder to accommodate my penis and balls. It's much more comfortable that way. A side effect of pumping is my girth has increased and since I'm pumping my balls too I've developed low hangers.

I use a pump daily since my surgery 5 months ago. I just saw my urologist and he said all the effort I am doing (pump, Tadalfil, PGE1) will pay off with restoration of my erection sooner. I pump an erection and hold for 2 minutes and then release for 1 minute and repeat 3 times.

I have used a medical grade pump and at first it was great to see my penis as it used to be but the reality is that it produces what I have called a zombie penis. Cold not quite alive and bobbing around all over the place which no strength in the core. As a gay man not at all suitable for sex. Very quickly it also gets painful from the band. I'm not sorry I tried it but its no solution.