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Situation getting worse


My nephew is 19yrs has been suffering from epilepsy since he was around 6 months, the situation is becoming worse get about 4 attacks daily, he screams and his muscles have become so stiff so confused as to what can assist him, just keep getting worse.

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Kindly see the neurologist.

malebonelo in reply to Mpasi

I also wanna encourage you to see a neurologist for thorough check-ups. Otherwise, stay strong .

So sorry to hear that...its really sad to experience that and to witness it. Yes, please see a neurologist a soon as possible. My seizures were also so bad at one was insane. And also be aware...when going on new medications, there is a period where there is a period when the user experiences mental and emotional pain. I also started CBD &THC and it works! And dont have to buy the expensive expensive stuff. But it does work...keep an open mind. Seizures are painful on so many levels...and they are also opportunities for a good life.


It is important for him to see a neurologist as soon as possible. If he was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 6 months and is now 19 years old his treatment plan must be adjusted (if it has not been done as yet). As children grow into adults their seizure patterns often change and require new/different treatment. As an adult he may be a suitable candidate for alternative treatment options (e.g. surgery). You can contact the nearest Branch of Epilepsy South Africa by calling our toll-free number (0860EPILEPSY) for assistance for him and family members.

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