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Living life to the fullest

Hello Group, thank you for the encouragement since I joined in February this year, I have been living my life to the fully, but then this morning I had two seizures at 1 and 5 am. They were a bit milder than usual. I suspect they were shorter because of the increased dosage that my doctor suggested in February. I have been reading up since and have only taken the time to understand the type of seizures that I have. Well, life goes on!!

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Hi NanaMay

Try to identify possible triggers - think about what happened 24 to 48 hours before the seizures. Some triggers can be stress, excitement, change of food or drink, tiredness, dehydration, etc. Also, subconscious stress such as anxiety, thoughts of negativity related to epilepsy i.e. cant do something in case you have a seizure, prompting your mind for example: years ago I used to think about my condition and realise that I had not had a seizure for a month - well almost within a day I would have one.

Good luck - I hope things get better for you.

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