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Help, I'm new on this website

I had brain surgery due having seizures ( scaring on the temp lobe ) , 11 months I was seizure free, my count down was on to get my driving license back , my seizures now are totally different prior to the surgery , they were more vacant turns and only gran mal in bed prior to the surgery now I get a flutter in my stomach it's hard to explain it looks like I'm having a stroke as I loose the feeling down my right side and I go ridged then the Muscual movements start and I can hardly breath , My consultant secatary told me to contact a epelepsy nurse who advised if it happens to get my family to video it , next one happened 1 week later and it looks and feels I'm chocking when I contacted the nurse by phone to advised it's happened again and my family managed to film it he just advised need to wait on getting a eeg test of the electric currents appt has now came in and it's for Aug I don't know what I should do as the breathing part I saw on the video was quite scary the seizure lasted 5 mins , but timescale getting back to be able to communicate and understand what my family are saying took 1 hour in total,

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I'm epileptic and have been since I was an infant do to hydrocephalus. I've taken many different types of seizure drugs over the years but I'm currently on tegretol and Depekote. Witch has worked well for me in I say in the last 10 to to 12 years. Have they done a ct scan on you yet ? That may show what going on as well.


Hi my last ct scan was done just after the brain surgery ,


Hi. The description of your 'episodes' remind me of how I react when I have a non-epileptic seizure. One NES episode, for me, can last from 5 minutes to one hour. Recovery time is even longer than one hour - tired and sleepy and confused. For me, when I am: emotional exhausted, lacking sleep, too much stress, lack of food, and not breathing deeply on a regular basis..... these all things lead me into a difficult NES. My neuro doctor says I have to be 6 months free of seizures before i can drive again. I have only gotten one week free...


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