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Does anyone have a constant rushing noise in their head? Could stress have caused my epilepsy & is menopause/diet making it worse?

I was diagnosed with generalised idiopathic epilepsy aged 43 in 2013 after havin...

Stay on Phenytoin??

I have been on it for 34 years and for most of it I’ve been able to lead a norm...


If you stop taking medication how long will it be before the side effects stop?

Medication withdrawal

Hi. I was wondering if anyone has come off Tegratol and had negative emotions. M...

Daytime Parahypnagogia - anyone else?

Hi all, I wondered what your thoughts were on this phenomenon and has anyone els...

Living with epilepsy and potential stigma

I have had epilepsy since aged 21 (13 years back) and I feel I am still struggl...

Advice on seizure types

I have just had a 24hour EEG and been told I have multiple seizures on it but am...
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Epilepsy Action is a peer support community run by the Epilepsy Action charity. We are a community of committe...

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