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Side effects of Lamotrigine - too high a dose?

I was seizure-free for 4.5 years until I got pregnant, and my medication was dou...

Okay? A touchy question, having had epilepsy for over 50 years, after a person has a seizure, before FULLY conscious can they say 'things'?

Having had epilepsy since the age of 14, I'm now aged 66, this is an area, that ...

headaches, frontal lobe epilepsy etc

hi, a brief summary of what’s going on. My partner was diagnosed just over 2 yea...


I’m currently away from the U.K. and unfortunately had two seizures in 5 days - ...

epilepsy and restless leg syndrome

I’m just wondering is there a link between RLS and epilepsy? My parents had RLS ...

information for children

Hi all. New to the newsfeed 😁 . Does anyone know of any available resources to ...

Epilepsy sleep monitor

Can you get funding for this sort of thing as its expensive


Hi all, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy approximately 30 years ago, i had a spell ...
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