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i have been having some worries after having my tablets reduced

i used to have sezuires where i used to bite my tonge all the time and after i had the vns i stopped having sezuires and now my tablets have been reduced i have started biting my tonge alot more then u would normally without any sign of sezuire but i'm feeling drained after i have bit my tonge is there a chance i had a sezuire and i'm still talking and moving

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I appreciate why you need to find out what’s happening. It can be very painful and sore when you bite your tongue. Tongue biting is normally experiences with a tonic clonic seizure. During a focal seizure some people can chew and/or smack their lips.



It would be advisable to keep a diary of this for when you see your specialist. If you are not due to see your specialist, you could discuss it with your family doctor.


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