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Autonomic seizures


Anyone on here have autonomic seizures where you don't lose consciousness?

Can you tell me what they are like for you?

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Hi there

Sharing experiences and information can be really helpful so I hope you hear from others here.

I'm linking you to our website information which explains about different types of seizures in case this is helpful for you.

You might be interested to know we have other online services as well.

Here are the links:



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team.

I am not sure what autonomic seizures are but I have partial seizures where I don't lose consciousness but am disconnected from my surroundings. I make repetetive movements and cannot connect my thoughts with reality. I know someone is speaking to me but I don't know what they're saying and I can't communicate my thoughts. As I recover I can understand simple signals.

These seizures come in blocks sometimes lasting all day even though each one is short. Sometimes I find I've done silly things, put mail in the dustbin, put the electric kettle on a hotplate, etc.

I'm getting these less now my medication has been changed. Good luck.

They are partial seizures that affect the autonomic nervous system.

Yes, I have autonomic seizures

What are yours like?

They cause gastro paresis, mainly, and heart racing. Also the feeling of the elevator floor dropping out from under me-

Interestingly, However, after the EEG picked up the problem and I was medicated, ( 2012) I still had off and on seizures. Auto immune markers very high.

We knew I had undifferentiated connected tissue disease/ auto immune.

It turned out to be Antiphospholipid syndrome. It’s connected with lupus, but causes systemic blood clotting.

I was having tiny micro clotting in the brain and bowels, and to the tiny capillary that supply nerves.

This causes dysautonomia.

I also have POTS. ( but this will not cause seizures.)

The microclotting in brain will .

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