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Complex Partial Seizures

Like to discuss these with another adult. I have these a few times a month. They are 'absence' seizures which can last a few minutes or anything up to 20 minutes and more. Why they are so worrying is that I don't remember anything during the seizure. I could be sitting or walking positions. The walking ones are obviously the dangerous ones. I have walked across roads during the seizure. Age I am in my sixties. Is there anyone out there that has something like this.

Alfred Lyons

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HI I think you need to talk to your GP you may have undiagnosed Epilepsy as these seizures sound familiar I think you should get checked out skibunny 325


I see a consultant ever about every three months to discuss what has gone on before. So I am well passed that stage and they are confirmed as complex partial seizures.

Thanks for your concern.


I am 34 and these fits sound very much like the ones I have. I don't have a specific trigger for any of them. But normally it's when I am on my way home from work, I have no re-collection of what has happened to me and the 1st I know of it is if someone tells me I have had a fit and feel very confused when I come out of one. I seem to notice that I am forgetting a lot of things. Is something that happens to you?

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Yes you are right. They seem very similar to mine, so you must know how I feel. However I do get a few other different types of seizure as well. What I get after the seizure is a feeling of lost time. Anyway thanks for your concern.



I suppose it is good to know you not the only one. I am going to see my consultant this week so hopefully he provides some useful advice.


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