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Complex Partial Seizures


Like to discuss these with another adult. I have these a few times a month. They are 'absence' seizures which can last a few minutes or anything up to 20 minutes and more. Why they are so worrying is that I don't remember anything during the seizure. I could be sitting or walking positions. The walking ones are obviously the dangerous ones. I have walked across roads during the seizure. Age I am in my sixties. Is there anyone out there that has something like this.

Alfred Lyons

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HI I think you need to talk to your GP you may have undiagnosed Epilepsy as these seizures sound familiar I think you should get checked out skibunny 325

I see a consultant ever about every three months to discuss what has gone on before. So I am well passed that stage and they are confirmed as complex partial seizures.

Thanks for your concern.

I am 34 and these fits sound very much like the ones I have. I don't have a specific trigger for any of them. But normally it's when I am on my way home from work, I have no re-collection of what has happened to me and the 1st I know of it is if someone tells me I have had a fit and feel very confused when I come out of one. I seem to notice that I am forgetting a lot of things. Is something that happens to you?

Yes you are right. They seem very similar to mine, so you must know how I feel. However I do get a few other different types of seizure as well. What I get after the seizure is a feeling of lost time. Anyway thanks for your concern.


I suppose it is good to know you not the only one. I am going to see my consultant this week so hopefully he provides some useful advice.


Hi Alfred,my name is jessica i have had a version of these since childhood I only have the focal seizures ocasionaly (rare) but it does happen most of my seizures are partial complex too but more twitchy pick at clothing drool but not as long as yours. But I do have a friend who has long seizures but he's awake.

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