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I’m scared

Hi Everyone,

My name is Anu, and I’ve had Complex partial seizures for ten years now. I’ve been on various medications but they haven’t really stopped the episodes. The feeling of the Aura and then the seizure leave me in immense fear and stress. I’m currently away from home in college which makes it worst. I wish it would all just stop.

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Awww Anu. I wish there was a magic wand and everything would be ok. Have you got support at college and does your advisor of studies know about your condition. might be worth looking into support groups in the area you are in too...


Hi Anu,I have partial seizures too, and I’m not sure I could explain anyone just how scary the aura is, I’m basically completely petrified with fear in a when it happens and I’m certain that someone or something is after me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the keto diet gave me my life back. I’ve been on it for almost two years. I hated the side effects of AED but I was having at that point multiple seizures a day and I was completely miserable. I did keto along with low thc high cbd oil three times a day. Within about six months I no longer needed the oils. Now I still get seizures maybe one cluster a month when I’m triggered, but I work, drive, and exercise everyday. My quality of life is so much better!

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Greetings Anu: I have complex partial myself and know the challenges as do all the others who have complex.

The seizures can easily trigger anxiety bringing the fear and stress upon you. Since the medication is not making much of a difference it will be best to contact your doctor to change the medication. Hope you get better soon. 🤞🏻


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