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Keppra 500

Hi I’m in a panic

My son is 11 and on keppra 500

I accidentally double dosed him tonight one at 7:00 and woke up thinking I didn’t give it to him and just did at 1030

Will he be ok ? I’m so petrified I’ve dibs something so bad to him

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How often does he have seizures and what type I’ve got epilepsy myself


He has only had 2 seizures

First was on the 17th August and 2nd 25th August 2018

Nothing since

Focal seizures


Aww he should be fine but if anything does happen or if you start getting worried take him to a and e just incase it’s better to be safe


Thank you

I’ve made contact with the Epilepsy foundation and he should be ok ~ maybe a little tired in the morning


Aww that’s good are you in the Uk or us and np


No I’m in Australia


Aww cool


Hope all is well, having had JME epilepsy since the age of 14, I'm 62 now. I find a capsule wallet very useful, putting the specific medication for each day, set for a week, thus less chance of missing medication. Make sure you have enough pills at the end of each week, usually a couple of days in reserve, so you can order a refill from your local GP/Chemist. Depending on the particular epilepsy medication, eg Briviact [which I am on can take a few days longer?] but usually, about two days, watch out for holidays, bank holidays, and week ends? Hope that helps?


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