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Epilepsy strikes again

I was in hospital for 2 months I was having clusters lasting up to 6 hours every day jerks up my arms feeling like my arm was electric shock but 10 times worse I couldn’t do nothing about it they gave me clabazam still didn’t bring me out they took me off my phynabarbtol weend me off that and upped my keppra I’ve been fine that was 6 months ago since I was out and it’s started back up yesterday I can’t take it anymore

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Hi Paulcannon12

I hope since your post you’re either feeling better or have talked to your doctor.

It’s difficult living with epilepsy. It’s such an unpredictable condition. Talking to others in a similar situation can help. So

I hope you hear from others in this community soon.

If you don’t, as well as managing the HealthUnlocked community, Epilepsy Action has other ways for you to contact others. These are:

Facebook facebook.com/epilepsyaction

Twitter twitter.com/epilepsyadvice

Online community forum.epilepsy.org.uk/

Local meetings ¬ epilepsy.org.uk/near-me



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team


Hi Paul, hope things have improved for you. Has your Doctor, or Specialist suggested any lifestyle changes?

There are so many different AEDs, it seems each of us reacts differently to them as well. My Keppra was increased (this was the one that made the most change for me), Clobazam was very effective at first, but it's wearing off with its usefulness.

Hope you find a good combination soon.


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