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neurologist giving me an eeg said I may have epilepsy as I been having seizures

ive been treted for depression ad anxiety now for many years and not realy have improved

one medication that has helped is atvan, does anyone take Ativan to treat their epilspy with success and has anyone been on it long oterm as now I have been taking 2 mg for 1 year and its the only thing that seems to help me at all.

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Dear RcKitty

Thank you for your question. It sounds like things have been pretty difficult for you due to anxiety and depression.

As anxiety and depression can be experienced by people with epilepsy, we have the wellbeing section on our website.


Epilepsy is generally treated with epilepsy medicine. We are not aware of ativan being prescribed to treat epilepsy.




Epilepsy Action Helpline Team


saw your post,sorry you have a complication,yet it may explain things,which will ultimately help you,things worse for me, being persecuted by someone on street, who think they own it and can't tell anyone as it wil lmake things worse, i am suffering so bad now and still cannot find anyone to turn to,glad to write you ghod bless jj


Was on Lorazepam sometime ago, more for calming of the nerves. It did help me sleep at night.


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