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Fearful mom

Hello all, I'm new here. My 5 year old daughter started having seizures when she was 2. According to the seizure classification, she has tonic-clonic seizures. She is currently taking Lamictal and Trilleptal. Her seizures only occur on Thursdays and she is usually taking a nap or laying down when they occur. I am terrified because she had a seizure this past Thursday and I notices her lips turning blue. I look forward to learning from this group.

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If you are worried ask your GP to get in touch with a relevant epilepsy neurologist. I have been told that my lips turn blue when having a seizure, I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. I am taking Lamictal and Fycompa.


Hi CShegog

Welcome to our HealthUnlocked community. Sharing information and experiences with others can be a really good idea.

As your daughter is still having seizures, I’d like to check she is seeing an epilepsy specialist? An epilepsy specialist can review her treatment and look at other possible reasons for why her seizures are still happening.

Keeping a diary of her seizures and what is happening around the time of the seizure could be of help to the specialist. It would also be helpful if you could video her during seizures on your mobile phone, to show the specialist.

If your daughters isn’t under a specialist, you will need to ask your family doctor to refer her.




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