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Please can anyone help how to move an inpatient to another hospital ASAP

Hi Please can someone help I need to move my daughter from our local hospital to where her Neuro consultant is based at Salford.

PALS is closed because its weekend and I'm so worried she had a seizure in the night and is in because of severe pain and vomiting and a possible bleed on the brain which she is awaiting results of a lumbar puncture taken yesterday. I don't know how to go about this please can anyone help?

Thank you very much x

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Hi Jan

I’m sorry we aren’t available at the weekends. From what you say I think PALS are definitely best placed to help you. So I hope you’ve been able to be in touch with them today.

If there is any other way we can help, do feel free to get in touch.


Advice and Information Team


Hi all still no further nearly 4 weeks on!!

Jen is out of hospital now she has tried to eat but is still being sick and her headache is only controlled because she is taking strong painkillers managed better than when she was in hospital. Jen has been told she has Toxicity (an overdose of lamotrogine through no fault of her own) she increased as per her consultant's instructions.

Friday Epilepsy nurse rang her back further instructions from her Neurologist is now to increase Kepra as she has already decreased lamotrogine twice and still the same, still not been seen by her Neurologist though I just can't work out why to me this is serious but no one seems to be doing anything, whilst her epilepsy nurse was on the phone she said that her neuro thinks she may have an infection as the sickness has carried on throughout!! GP appointment booked for bloods on Monday!!

Totally pi**ed off that no one gives a damn!!

She has lost 22lb in weight in 4 weeks had 8 tonic clonic seizures.

I'm going to have to go private but not sure what type of consultant I should take her too as she has had 1 kidney out and has kidney disease also plus has had an internal rectal prolapse 6 years ago too :(

Lamotrogine is now reduced to 125mg am & pm

Kepra is increased to 1500mg am & 1750mg pm

and she can go with Kepra to max of 2000mg am & pm

Clobasam is 10mg 3 times a day

Since the increase of Kepra she dizzy and uneasy on her feet.....

Any advice very, very welcome please??

Sorry to go on and on....

Thank you so much to you all xx


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