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National Epilepsy Week – 19-25 May 2013: lets get myth busting!


This year’s National Epilepsy Week is fast approaching and our focus will be on busting some of the myths about epilepsy. We’re aiming to challenge some of the out-of-date policies and rules in the UK that needlessly prevent people with epilepsy taking part in activities.

In the last year, we have tackled some of these issues so that:

•People with epilepsy can now climb the clock tower of Big Ben

•People with epilepsy can get their ears pierced without restrictions

•A local council removed notices suggesting that people can ‘catch’ epilepsy from dog excrement

If you’ve been stopped from doing something for no good reason let us know by emailing Please tell us what you were stopped from doing, the reason given, and by which organisation.

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I am pleased to see there is great progress in this regard. People with epilepsy should be allowed to partake in certain activities, depending of course on the safety aspect of some of them. I am a great supporter of yours on Facebook and even though I'm based in South Africa, I'll still be part of National Epilepsy Week. Wishing you every success with challenging out-of-date policies and rules... This is a great step in the right direction!

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