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Fertility yoga and endo, pain

Hello girls

I do ashtanga vinyasa yoga and have done it up to four times a week, each session is around 1.5 hour and it can be a bit intense. I took a six week break and just recently went back. I'm not underweight but I'm kind of on the lower side of healthy bmi and when I exercise regularly I can get a bit muscly and skinny looking and my acupuncturist keeps recommending to me to put on weight to help me conceive.

I therefore thought that maybe doing fertility yoga might be gentler, burn less calories and be more more calming for me. I bought one dvd and I only did half of it but all these poses that are aimed to improve blood flow to pelvis are just leaving me in pain. So disappointed!

I'm wondering if anyone has had the same experience? Should endo women not do stuff that increases blood flow to the pelvis? I was also wondering what you recommend, should I persevere?

Thanks xxx

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You answered your own question. Yes endo is a constant condition that causes internal bleeding, and any activity whether sporting or labouring that strains those wounds can cause them to bleed and that will hurt. Also you are much more likely to have adhesions or scar tissue inside growing from the endo lesions and gluing organs together that ordinarily would be freely moving around, and stretching and straining can pull and tear those adhesions either from themselves of from the organs they are attached too. OUCH

Exercise done gently with as little strain on your core tummy area is the best way to go about keeping active. What ever exercise you try, if it results in aggravating your condition then you have over done it.

Walking and Swimming ought to be less impacting on the wounds, but whatever you try to do, must be tackled in stages to see what you are capable of managing without hurting yourself and doing more harm than good.

As each of us is affected by adhesions and endo in different places, what we can manage to cope with will vary.


I will have to agree with Impatient, before endo I was doing pilates and I absolutely loved it. These days I cant at all, as it aggravates the area that they cleared the endo due to scar tissue inside.

It was recommended to me by my doctor and my osteopath to start with very light sessions of swimming and take it from there. x


Thanks girls, I think I'm still in a bit of denial, keep trying to pretend I'm normal. I think I'll just have to continue to do the yoga I can do, once a week and then walk or swim, thanks xx


The denial...tell me about it, I'm still fighting to get a grip that I cant be fit and active as I used to be. It is rubbish, but still I'm grateful its not something more serious and hey...at least we can swim and walk! lol xx


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