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Will it ever end???

Hi, I had a partial hysterectomy 11yrs ago, and now endo is back with a vengence. I go in to have ovaries removed, adehesions cut and removal of any new endo on Wednesday. If I'm honest I'm scared - scared that not too far down the line adhesions will be causing me problems again, scared if the food I eat can cause the endo to return (even without my ovaries.) I had endo on my bowel last time, and i'm not sure if scar tissue from that will always cause me problems, as it does now - I'm also SOOOO temperamental with drugs I'm scared they won't be able to find a suitable HRT.

My nearest and dearest think I'm being far too negative and that I need a positive mental attitude but i hear so often of endo returning despite full hysterectomy's and treatment.

Does anyone have experiences of having full hysterectomy and still have reoccurring endo?

I would rather be prepared for the worst case scenario than be in a blissful bubble and be devasted when the damn thing pops!!!!

thanks in advance, wishing you a pain-free day :-) xx

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Good luck with your op honey. Have you had a look at the hyster-sisters website? There is loads of specific hyst stuff on these.

I would be very hopeful that removing your ovaries will solve your problems: they are big problem causes when it comes to endo. You would need to talk to your doctor about possibly having hrt. Some women go without, but it depends on your age.

Good luck x


Thanx for your reply - I hadn't heard of hyster-sisters so will look that up!!

Unfortunately my operation was cancelled last minute due to the A&E department being in crisis (so all operations were cancelled for 2 days :-()

I have no idea when I will have a new date - feel very depressed with it all.

I've become tolerant of my morphine patches but don't really want to increase the dose as

a) I can't function properly on it

b) I don't see the point of increasing it, only to have to be weaned off it slowly as I am now dependant on it (after 6mths of taking the flipping stuff!)

Well, lets hope the removal of ovaries will finally sort it, as I've reached my limit now!!!

Thanx again for your kind reply!! x


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