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Implant or injection?



I'm coming off the pill as I want to try something different and I've narrowed my options down to the implant or the injection.

Has anyone had any experience with either of these as I'm getting mixed messages about them from my friends and I'm not sure what to go for!

I've heard the implant can take a while to settle down and you bleed for a long time as well as putting weight on?

Any info would be appreciated as the nurse just gave me some leaflets and told me to come back when I'd decided! :(

Thanks x

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Havent had the implant myself but friends have, they loved it but the only thing wrong was the removal was a bit of a pain. I had the injection and was on it over a yr, it stopped my periods and maybe once every 3months id get a bleed and 3days of bad pain but thats it. I came off it for other reasons but it was good. Any contraceptive can make u put on weight but its not the hormone that makes u its just because u get more of an appetite so its up to the individual if they allow themselves to put weight on. Hope u can choose and it works out for you, xx

I have been on both injection and implanon before, implant wasn't funny I will bleed at anytime period or no period, I was actually bleeding every other week and I was fat as in huge. I had no side effects from the injection.

The problem is everyone is different (I bled every day with the injection, although the pain wasn't as bad) and any change in contraception can take 3 to 6 months to settle down. If you aren't having any problems with the pill I'd stay on it!x

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