I had chronic thrush years and years ago for a long time. It turned out to be the pill. I haven't had thrush for all these years but in the past couple of months before my periods I am getting lots of discharge and really bad thrush again. I don't understand it as I am not on any current treatment for my endo. I will be back on the injections soon but I really dont want to take the HRT because it gives me thrush. Any suggestions please as to why it's happening now. can endo cause this?


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  • I used to suffer recurrent thrush monthly for 4 years. My dr wouldn't do anything saying that it just happens to some people. I don't know if it was to do with Endo or not. I found herbal tablets online that I started taking called Xtralac and I've not had thrush for about 5 years now! I don't take them any more. Took them for a year and stopped but it solved the problem whatever it was x

  • Are you sure it's definitely thrush? It's common mid-cycle (before ov or a week after) to find thicker cervical fluid that looks like thrush, and might even itch a but due to dryness. It's really commonly mistaken by Drs and Nurses to be thrush and treated.

    Have a look at Taking Charge of Your Fertility website, there is quite a lot in the book about it that probably explains it loads better than I have!x

  • It's very common to get recurrent thrush around your period a good probiotic specifically for women's health (they are all different) will really balance the HRT which is affecting the flora in your gut! It is also very common for women to get thrush when taking antibiotics if you take a probiotic you should not suffer with thrush.

  • Hi

    I've suffered thrush for many years just before a period and the usual pessaries don't work unless I have two courses one after the other. I've tried cranberry juice natural yogurt etc! Doctors aren't very helpful, I also suffer from dryness due to peri menopause but have just have the Mirena fitted and I think this may help the Thrush. It's early days yet onlycoil fitted 6 weeks ago. I know thrush can be made worse by sugarary foods chocolate etc

    watch this space!

    Good luck any how let us know how you get on.


  • I get recurrent systemic candida which wipes me out causing such fatigue. I find the only way to get rid of this is an anti-candida diet (no wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol) and also by taking herbal antifungals such as oregano complex and apple cider vinegar. If thrush is recurrent for you, you may also have systemic candida (same thing as thrush, overgrowth of yeasts, but in the intestines). However you are unlikely to get any GP back up, the only way I found out and had the support was through natural alternative therapies.

    Yes I do believe you I am more susceptible to candida because of the endo. A good source of info for me has been Henrietta Norton's 'Take Control of your Endometriosis' which also covers candida.

    All the best! xx

  • Thank you all for your comments. I hope it's just short term for me and it disappears quickly. xxx

  • I am 46 & suffered with thrush regularly, unbeknown to me I also had endo. I do believe it caused the thrush looking back now, having endo also lowers your immunity. I felt like I was constantly at the drs for thrush, it's awful. It's only since my full hysterectomy I haven't had the thrush back.

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