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Help with generally coping

I am finding life a bit difficult at the momenth following lap and coil.

Still bleeding and lots pain after nine weeks

As I am also,having trouble sleeping I thought I might try CALMS at night

Has anyone tried them. Do they help and any side effects?

I an trying to avoid anti depressants as they really give me terrible side effects so it is hard looking after two little children .

Any comments appreciated . Thank you

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Hi Meme2 I have my pot of Kalms beside me for that little help when im having an anxious time. I have the night Kalms and the day ones always there for an as and when!! For me personaly they help. Its very natural and 'calming'.I dont have any side effects from them and generally drift off to sleep and will sleep through or better!! Have a hottie or a wheatybag and my electric blanket to soothe the pains also (not altogether!!) Give them a go i, iwouldnt be without them for those moments when the winecoolers empty lol xxx. Hope you start to feel better and get that pain under control take care j xx


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