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looking for ideas on items you associate with pain and endo?

for exsample barbed wire in red with rope knots!

I make jewellery and like a phew other ladies on hear im wonting to raise money but got really ill before xmas and couldn't get them made for awereness weak!

but as I see it everyday is a chance to raise money and tell people about endo and would really like your ideas please id just like to say im not trying to tread on anyones toes and will advertise else were or we could team up lol just wont to turn my passion into a positive for all of us if I can :)

tummy love to all you loverly ladies


ps dose anyone know the true endo sign?

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Wow another skilled lady on here! Good for you. Sorry to hear tho you couldn't do it over christmas. Hope you are feeling a bit more better now.

I believe the true endo sign is the yellow ribbon? Sure google will be able to clarify what it is for sure.

It is silly, I suffer from endo but cannot think of anything at the moment! I like the idea you put. Will have a think.

Tummy love to you too xx


thanks muchly :) very helpful! anything you think of good and bad with it would just like to try a phew pices and see what they look like :)

my health is rubbish still but mentally im motivated lol so nows the time I hope your good to and thanks for replying.

and yes the endo sign is the yellow ribbon awesome

tummy love to you xxx


what on earth has a yellow ribbon got to do with endo?

I hate the ribbon symbol, it's not reflective of endo in the slightest. Might as well have a lump of cheddar or a buttercup or a canary it's so wishy washy.

Barbed wire is much closer to the truth.

Or a shot gun peppering endo everywhere

Or a recycle bin where endo ladies are trashed and wait to be recycled

Or a grid of 100 squares and at least 10 of them coloured with red endo lesions to symbolise how many women have endo.

Or influenced by Edvard Munch's Scream painting, ghostly brooches depicting agony of pain.

Or "I don't have IBS - I have endo" slogans.

Or a cude teddy bear image with his tummy made of coiled barbed wire.

Oh crumbs there's so many ways to depict endo, but would they sell?

All my ideas are rather maccabre, because i feel so grim today. Pain, nausea, and cramps like I'm about to deliver quads.


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