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I have been wondering if there is any link between endo and general poor immunity? I find I am always the one to pick up colds and viruses and it seems to take me a long time to get rid of them or they progress into infections. I may just have bad luck when it comes to this but was wondering if anyone else has similar problems and if endo could contribute to it?

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Endo is an autoimmune disease, as your immune system is fighting off the endo constantly it isn't strong enough to fight off every other thing that comes your way. Unfortunately it does mean you are more likely to catch viruses and bugs going round :(


Ditto - everyone else gets a sniffel I get full blown flu-colds!

Like Missteal says, as it's an autoimmune it's quite common. Also, lots of women suffer other immune issues like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue etc.


Me too unfortunately, I also have auto-immune thyroiditis and have complained for years that I only have to look at someone with a cold to catch it and like you it takes ages to go. However, if you don't already I would recommend taking 1000mcg soluable Vitamin C and zinc/day, it has really helped me.


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