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Hi, does anyone suffer with 'brain fog' with there endo?, I have problems with concentration and not feeling like im here! Any treatment?

I've suffered with endometriosis for 8 years, i've really struggled in the last 18 months mentally and physically . I had my 4th surgery in July 2012 for severe endo attached to sigmoid colon and rectum along with other adhesions. I still struggle with pain around my left kidney particularly day 5 of cycle until ovulation, along with brain fog. Any suggestions for treatment would be greatly appreciated.

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I get that on day 1 and 2 of my cycle... I think its part pain and part hormones....

At the moment I don't know what to do apart from manage the pain side of it as best I can.

I still get a bit of foggyness/clumbsyness along with a "jellylegs" sensation but its much better when I take my pain relief as effectively as possible.

I guess I have accepted that I am not all there on those days as I know its only temporary.

I am patient and gentle with myself and give those around me fair warning that I will be back to my usual self in a day or so.

If you find a solution please do share though.

For now I just make sure I also get enough sleep and eat healthily... and I don't operate any heavy machinary lol


Thanks for replying, I've changed my diet to gluten free (most of the time!) and taking vitamins but still no joy, I find it very debilitating.


Yeah I tried that for my acne... there are certain foods that tend to get a bad press for many conditions.. wheat, gluten, dairy.... Thing is unless you find some actual research to back it up it can lead to unessisary hardship on your part..

if its not helped you feel better then reconsider.

Dietary changes I have found so far linked to endo include ensuring you have enough Omega 3's as they reduce inflammation which is a key part if the problem with endometriosis (and other autoimmune conditions).

You are best of getting vitamins from your food as they support the absorbtion of one another and balanced amounts of vitimins/minerals etc are found in food whereas relying on tablet vitimins can mean the vitamins arent absorbed properly. They interact in a complex way... eating fruit and veg is the easiest way to get a balanced and decent absorption of nutrients.

Some people (like me) find that switching to wholegrain and simply reducing carbohydrate intake helps them reduce bloating and blood sugar levels whilst ensuring decent vitimins and minerals are absorbed.

Try and add fruit and veg portions to your day bit by bit till you are eating a variety of colours and reaching 5 a day and beyond and make sure you get omega'3 in lovely oily fish (2 portions a week)

The only supplement I take now is omega 3 as I am familiar with research that backs it up

good luck xx


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