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Mirena Crash?!?

Hey everyone,

I will hopefully be getting my mirena coil taken out next month and I heard recently that a lot of women go through the mirena crash.

I suffer from depression/s.a.d/anxiety but have learnt to cope without any meds or professional help and I'm freaking out that if I have a crash I will go insane for a while.

Has anyone experienced this crash and advise me on how to best deal with it in case it does happen??

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Hi Rosie

I guess its different for every woman but when my Mirena was removed I felt like a weight had been lifted from me. I certainly didnt experience a crash of feelings and within no time at all I was almost back to my old self. There again I had felt blooming awful whilst on the Mirena which made me feel fedup and I'd lost all my sparkle.

I did have my Mirena removed after only 10 weeks <due to an urgent hospital stay> so I dont know if this is why I didnt experience a crash.

Good luck and hopefully you'll have no problem coping with the removal at all :)

Any other questions please ask and I will try to help, x



I have had the Mirena in for 2 years - i desided to take out as me and my husband would like to start planning to have babies.

Ever since i took it out on the first day i was verrryyy emotional and it lasted for like 1 week - i bleed a little bit for 3 days. but now it has now been 2 month since i took it of - I havent had my period and i am getting swollen again, :( my boobs are so big and sore and i am getting the fluid retention all over my body again. it really sucks :( i guess its a battle that we are going to live with all our life. I am taken some natural tablets now that it will help me ovulate and regualte my periods "hopefully" they are Vitex which it helps with all the swollen, pains and to regulate the period etc etc and i am also taking Maca Powder to help me ovulate and with the fertility.


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