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Do you have severe endometriosis and are you seen at a tertiary referral centre?

i.e. a hospital with an endometriosis consultant as well as other consultants who treat you alongside the gynaecologist, such as colorectal surgeon, urologist, pain management consultant, gynaecology nurse specialist etc. Basically a team approach. Would be great to have your comments on this.

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Yes, Tyrone carpenter and his team. I have to see him privately as I could not get referred to him on the nhs, he runs the Dorset Endometriosis centre and is excellent.

Without him I don't know what I would have done as I was getting nowhere for years under the normal gynaecologist


Hi, yes I was seen by a specialist under NHS but he is also a private consultant for the Duchy hospital. Mr Byrne is a endo specialist and he also has a specialist nurse, I first saw him on the Thursday and I had my lap on the following Wednesday. Before seeing him I just kept on seeing one of the normal gynae doctors who didn't have a clue!!


There is a private endo clinic in Birmingham that I am looking into. I would have to get a loan to cover costs, so at the moment I am just deciding whether going down this road would be any different to seeing my specialist on the NHS. As you all know, you get so desperate, I would beg, borrow and steal to get a better result than the one I am getting now. But.... How do I know if an Endo clinic is any better than seeing the people on the NHS? It's a tough decision. And an expensive one! It's good that there are two positive stories above though.....


I was seen at a Wirral hospital on the NHS by asking for a 2nd opinion. They are accredited to some Gynae association - I saw it on a website today. There is also around 9 other accredited centres around the country on the website. My consultants name is David Rowland/s.


Hi Carol_P,

I was seen at the University College London hospital last year, by Mr Ertan Saridogan. They run a mulitidisciplinary team there, which consists of nurse specialists, bowel and urology surgeons etc and also pain management services. This was on the NHS. I thought this was a brilliant team approach.

By the time I did all my research and stumbled upon them, I had already had numerous surgerys and a bowel resection, so my insides were so riddled with both scar tissue and fresh endo deposits, they wouldn't operate any further on me unless it was to perform a hysterectomy. I sometimes wonder if things would have been a little different if I had found this team approach sooner....

Hope this helps



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