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Update on aches, pains and infections, more positive!

Hi everyone, wishing you all a happy New Year.

Just to say that I have started taking Naproxen 250 up to 3 times a day and am feeling better than I have for a while, not so many aches and internal painx, fingers crossed. I also take Omeprazole in the mornings to counteract the effects of the Naproxen. I have mentioned to the gp the possibility of still having endo after a hysterectomy and this is what they put me on.I havent seen an endo specialist yet but at present this is helping and I ve noticed a lot of you are on the same treatment, I did have blood in the urine the other day and hope thiat is just a one off. I still take daily antibiotics.

So am feeling a bit more positive this year, hope it goes well for all of you xxx

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I'm glad you are feeling good :) x

First of all, Naproxen is not a treatment, it is a painkiller, very similar to ibuprofen (same family). Bith they are NSAID painkillers, not so kind for the stomach, hence you were given the omeprazole (to protect the lining of your stomach).

Why are you taking antibiotics?

Jo x


Hi Jo

Thanks for your reply, I know, its the nearest thing to a treatment I have had recently, Ive had general ultrasound scans which were negative, painkillers seem to help which is good at present. Antibiotics are for recurrent urine infections as a preventative measure, but every now and then I have to take a proper course when something takes hold. I have to take vit D daily to support my immune system xxxx


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