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'How was your weekend?' -well it depends who's asking,and what mood I'm in

If it's one of my work colleages asking then the answer is usually 'Fine thanks. How was yours?' and therefore directing the conversation back at them. If it's a close friend then it was far from fine.

Remember when staying up all night Fri then staying in bed all day Sat used to mean a good weekend?- no, me neither it was so long ago! >.<

What actually happened was we had some friends over Fri eve to play board games (pretty much the only social activity I can afford right now!). Anyways, I forced myself to stay awake until.....11pm! At the time I knew I was pushing my limits but I had one of those rebellious moments where I thought 'F-you endo! You don't rule me!!!' I knew I would pay for it and boy did I. Awake all most of Fri night with horrific migraine then slept most of Sat and Sun recovering.But you know what? I would do it again because that little bit of social life helps keep me sane(ish).


Kind of lost track: tried tramadol, lots of codeine, prob some ibuprofen and paracetemol thrown in there...and the usual cerezette and loratadine (for allergies)

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If there was a like button then i just pressed it :)


Me too :)




This post and the other answers made me smile as we're all in the same endo boat and can heartily sympathise with you :)

And yes we have all wondered whether or not to give answers like you outlined above. I'm only 6 months into a new job so havent yet given a truthful account of my weekends to asking colleagues!


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