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Really down, worried my gynae will discharge me as I've had my 6th zoladex injection and have bled each month


I'm feeling really down which is so unlike me. I've had 6th zoladex injections and I'm due to see my gynae on Thursday. I've had hrt with the zoladex and have had a period each month which has really got me down. I'm really down and feel tearful as I worried my gynae will discharge me and say he can't do any for me.

As anyone else experience this? Not sure why I am so down, maybe I'm being silly.

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hi, the same happened to me on prostap I went back to the gp and got a referral back to the hospital so try not to worry, help is still there if you need it xxx big hugs xxx


Hi minime1 oh no that's not good. Did you have to wait long to be referred again?

I'm just concerned my gynae is going to say he can't do any thing else or it's not endo. I do have endo as I had a lap in March year to have it removed. I'm just not sure what happens after hormone injections, it feels like you are just left to get on with it.

Hope you are having a pain free day xxx


Hi iggiepiggy, I am currently on zoladex...I am experiencing the same problem. I had a heavy bleed with my first injection....seven days back I took my second one, I am bleeding. My gp told me women bleed but not all. I am hoping it might subsidie after the third one..I don't know. How long did you bleed...were. You on pills just before the injection...my gynecologist told me it's normal. I am worried too. Sometimes it works inside,but it may bleed. What did your gp say about the bleeding. Please let me know.


Hi neal07

I bleed every month on zoladex for a week, similar to my usual period. I wasn't on any medication before the injections and I started taking Tibilone after my 2nd injection. After my 3rd injection my gynae swapped my hrt to Prempak-C which I feel has made me feel worse. I haven't been to see my gp as he is no help and just looks on google for answers in front of me.

Hope you are having a pain free day.

Angela xxx


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