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Endo and pregnancy


My bf and I want to try for a baby at the end of the year. I've been quite lucky that the last couple of laps I've had have caught my endo early and have been successfully removed. I've been told that its still possible to have a normal pregnancy but it could be hard to conceive. I just wondered if anyone can offer me some advice on how to deal with endo and pregnancy ?

I will go to the gp closer to the time so they can help me but I thought someone's personal experience would help me more x

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I have been told that it takes slightly longer to conceive when trying for a baby when you have endo, but everyone is different and you may start trying and manage to get pregnant straight away!


Hi myself and my husband are now three months into trying after two laps. Advice from my doctors has been to try for a minium of six months before seeking further advice. We are going to run with this and see what happens. Staying positive for now. All the best when you do start trying :-)


I was diagnosed after having two children, didn't have any problems conceiving as one was by accident lol. Good luck and I hope you find it as easy as I did xx


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