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how long has every waited before having a period after having your ovary's put to sleep (cant remember what its called) x

i had my ovary's out to sleep a few years ago and as soon as they was ment to wake up the woke up this time i was very ill before they put them asleep i had not had a period has i was bleeding inside rather then out and had a cyist on my ovary. they wasment to wake up 5 months ago but they havent i gotted chuffed thinking i was preggs has i have been trying for 5 years did 2 tests nothing docs dont care i am in alot of pain but no bleeding xx

please help xx

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I know how you feel about the doctors not caring and looking at you like you can not be in the much pain you must be lying sort of thing.

I am so sorry you are having trouble.

The only thing I can suggest is to keep going back to the doctors or if it gets really bad to call nhs direct or go to A&E.

If you need to talk you can message me.



I was on Zoladex for two years which puts you into a medically induced menopause meaning you have no periods - I suspect this is the kind of thing you mean.

I too got very concerned as I went months and months and months after stopping the treatment with no return of my periods. I was told I may have gone into a permenant menopause and I was scared.

My periods eventually returned. They are still hit and miss. I had my first period then missed a month and then had another.

It took over 15 months after stopping the treatment for my periods to return. I was on the treatment a long time, longer than most people which is probably why it took soo long. Waiting 5 months isnt anything to worry about in itself - although I know that is no help to you when you are in pain. Could you speak to your GP about pain relief?

P.S. I just wanted to say, you say you were trying for a baby for two years - you should never try to get pregnant while on these kind of hormone treatments, they can be very dangerous to a fetus. Now your treatment has stopped it is fine to try, but if you go back onto anything again please check with a doctor before trying for a baby as it can be dangerous.


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