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Period time!

Hello ladies,

I wanted to recommend the moon cup, it's a little silicone cup used to collect the period blood, I was skeptic but the reviews were great, I have been using it about 10 months now and it has been fantastic it cuts down the days of my menses to about 3 days from 8, I always felt like the blood was not coming out, the first day would be very heavy then after 36 hours the blood would just take ages to come out and even stop for a couple days sometimes the mooncup has really helped me get them over and done with quickly- thank God.

I highly recommend it and also find that the aches and cramps are reduced while using it too. It does take a couple of cycles to get used to but I don't look back now and save a heap of money on sanitary pads, also can enjoy a bath at the time of the month and go swimming of i wanted, its less worrying about an accident, it can stay in for upto 12 hours and it reduces our addition to the sanitary waste which take years to biodegrade and my handbag is not packed full of bulky pads, I was using those gianormous tenna pads before the moon cup it was just becoming more and more of a nightmare!

They sell it at boots one cup last over 5 years I believe and easy to wash, very soft can not feel it, despite having endo pains and being uncomfortable of things down there! It's nothing like a tampon and the research shows that pads and tampons take moisture away from the privates, and they are made from bleached waste! Not very healthy!

I think they about £19 there are other brands too I think one is called a keeper and a diva cup.

Anyone else had experience of these devices?

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i have not heard of moon cup before so googled it looks interesting may give it a go i will try anything .also would be great for holidays if it works that well .are they easy to fit .

i have 1 light day loads of pain then 1 heavy day not to bad and 3 /4 not much sometimes stops and then starts again aahhh .does my head in.


after seeing your post i googled it too, and it sounds really good, although can you feel it at all, with it being held in so low down? also, i have a mirena, do you think it may pull the strings out? i am going to do some more research though xx


They are very easy to use, the silicone is very soft and folds with ease there are a couple of techniques to fold it so it goes in then it folds itself back out and makes a seal, it can take a few getting used to I started putting mine in while in the shower because it was wet and more comfortable to squat in there, I used a panty liner too until I got no more leaks, the leaks usually mean its not in the correctly inserted. There are troubleshooting tips in the box which helped me, I can now use it with ease while on the loo, no mess little fuss.

There is a little stem at the bottom of the cup which is used to remove it and it can be trimmed with scissors to get it the right length, I thought it would be uncomfortable but I almost forget I have it in.

It should not interfere with the coil strings, but I guess that may depend on the position of the cervix and length of the strings, they can be cut shorter though, the moon cup sits very low in the vagina, its not like as high as a tampon.

I also found it was good to keep a eye on the amount of blood loss because the moon cup has measurements on it.


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