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Should prostap be working better?

I am due my 3rd prostap injection in about 10 days time. After the initial flare up on the 1st one I have been pain free for the last 5 weeks, however I started hrt last week due to bad headaches and generally feeling unwell on it. I'm not sure if it is a coincidence but my ovary and leg pain is starting to return, and I feel that the prostap is not working as well as I expected it too. I am willing to put up with the side effects of the prostap if I am endo pain free but feel reluctant to stick it out if I am still having endo pain.

Can anybody share any experiences of prostap not working, or having blips in the treatment. I am not sure whether to continue now or not?

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I am sorry that you are now experiencing problems after being pain free for 5weeks. They say the hrt usually does not benefit the endo as its replacing a little of the hormone that the prostap is trying to stop. So your body is just fighting a losing battle. I have had prostap with hrt for 3 months and it did not work for me as had pain constantly and periods for 15 days at a time. I then had an allergic reaction to the prostap so got changed to zodalex implant in the stomach, the same continued for the 3 months that I was on that. I am now due to have my 2nd zodalex without hrt, the side effects from the implant and not being on hrt are not nice as well as not being pain free. Unfortunately neither has worked for me but everyone is different, if you can cope without the hrt and take ibuprofen for the migraines then that may work better for you. Hope you get some relief soon


hi i am new to site i have been on prostap and hrt for 4 months and just had jab for another 3 months for the first 2 months i had my period i am still getting bad endo pain also bad period pains and backache and bad mood swings i wish i would have worked when i go back they want to discuss other treatments


Hi, I am on my third lot of prostap at 29. I have endometriosis and have had since 13 years old. Me and my doctor are fighting for me to have a hysterectomy although even together because of my age it is a long hard fight.

At age age 23, I had my first lot after a lap, only had a six month course, and dropped on with my little girl four months later (a little girl I was told I would never have, who is even more special because she has downs.)

At age 25, I had my second lot after another lap. Again 6 months long.

I am now age 29, and after trying a LOT of different doctors I finally found one that is a gynae specialist so knows alot about my condition.

I have just had my 6th 3 monthly injection of prostap, so have been on them for 15 months now (I think lost count after first couple lol) My doctor has kept me on these for this long because the pain and everything has most of the time stopped (although I do get the odd few days every now and again where it feels like I am ovulating), and because we are both fighting for my hysterectomy he doesn't want to pull me back out of the menopause to have to go back through it again, not when this is my third time through it. After my 2nd injection, he suggested I went on HRT, but because we didnt think we would be waiting this long I said I could manage the sypmtons without, this was after all my third time doing it. But when we hit the year mark and the sypmtons of the menopause felt like it was killing me I agreed to start the HRT.

So three months ago I started HRT (Kilofem). First 6 weeks were great I lost all menopause sypmtons but was still pain and period free from endometriosis. But then as I hit my 6-8 week on them, the ovary, back, stomach and leg pain started again (and Oh my god had I forgot how bad the pain was with a year of not having it). Then Sunday I started my period... Ow Ow Ow.

Been to docs this morning, he says I should not be bleeding at all, but wants me to keep on with the prostap and hrt, so have had another injection this morning. He is hoping that this is just a one off, but doesn't want me to come off them as we should be in the hospital in next three months, but has said if it isn't just a once off I have to go back.

Now to me, if I have had nothing all this time (or any other time I have been on it) then they put me on HRT and this happens, to me its the HRT (but his answer is but one I've had the Operation the stuff wont be there for me to bleed lol). But I just cant see the point of having all these hormones to just be how I was to start with anyway... but I will give it this next lot just to see if it is a one of and goes away.

I'll let you know.


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