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Be a Cheer Volunteer this Spring!

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Join Team Endometriosis UK and be one of our amazingly brilliant cheer volunteers.

We are looking for loud and enthusiastic volunteers to help cheer on our fantastic running and challenge participants. They take on incredible fundraising challenges in order to improve the lives of those with endometriosis and raise awareness of the condition, and you will help provide the motivation they need on event days. You will be clapping and cheering as loud as you can at one of our heavily branded cheer points. This is a vital role, with your help we can show how much we value their support and increase Endometriosis UK’s visibility.

London Marathon Cheer Volunteer - 23rd April 2023

Edinburgh Marathon Cheer Volunteer - 28th May 2023

Asics 10K Cheer Volunteer - 9th July 2023

Great North Run Volunteer - 10th September 2023

Sign up here:

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What a fantastic way to show support to the participants and to increase the visibilty Endometriosis UK! But also a great day for our friends and family members to show their support for us to the Nation as that's what they do behind closed doors everyday 💚

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