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Pain so bad. Is A&E worth it?


Had to come home from work due to debilitating endo flare up pain. I am now in bed. I take my mefenamic acid three times a day but it does NOTHING for me when I have a flare up. Also had peppermint tea and have a scolding hot water bottle and wheat bag. Has anyone been to A&E in the UK with endo pain? Is it worth going??? I don’t know what else to do. Paracetamol and ibruprofen are useless, as we all know. Lots of love to you all! X

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You really need something a lot stronger Like codeine or tramadol.

I have been to A&E several times and they give me morphine, admit me to a ward for the night. I am told I need to manage the pain at home so now when it kicks off I take tramadol and go to bed xx


Sorry to hear you are in a lot of pain. I have been to A & E many times before and every time has been different depending on which nurse/ doctor you see. I’ve been and they’ve just given me medication and go home & other times they got the gyne down to check me & order some tests etc.

Do what you feel is best. Hope you’re feeling better soon xx

Thank you so much All That Glitters and Chloe for your replies ❤️

I went a couple of months or so ago, it was worth it, I had Tramadol, sort of helps and they sent a message to GP to refer back to the pain clinic. This went slightly pear shaped as GP didn’t do what they said they did.

Alternatively ask GP to refer to the pain clinic as urgent.

Thanks Moon Maiden ❤️

I went to A and E and it wasn’t helpful , I was just referred for a scan which showed nothing . Have you tried a TENS machine ? Mine has been my life saver , difference between getting out of bed or lying still and passing out through pain . I hope you feel better soon

EndoEffect in reply to 1880emma

I’m genuinely thinking of asking for a TENS machine for my birthday in just over a month. Thanks Emma! ❤️

1880emma in reply to EndoEffect

It’s definitely worth it

I’ve been to A&E so many times now that they have a care-plan ready for me to get me through the pain episodes. It involves liquid paracetamol intravenously and other meds which really does the trick for me. It is true that there is not much they can do long term, but all staff i’ve been across have been tremendously sympathetic and done whatever they can to send me home pain free. But i also do agree with what others have said (and therefore have tramadol etc on hand at home) that the aim is to try and avoid A&E visits to limit stress for you. But this can only be done if you have adequate pain meds at home. Recommend asking your GP to prescribe regularly strong pain meds. All the best, i really feel for you with your pain episodes, x

Thanks Milla! I have been prescribed mefenamic acid for pain but it is doing nothing for this flare up. ❤️

Milla1 in reply to EndoEffect

No you are right... Mefenamic acid will only take you so far as it’s mainly an anti-inflammatory. I find the combination of that medication and strong painkiller (like co-codamol or tramadol) works best. Hope you get better soon💚

Sorry to hear you are in pain, I’ve been there and ended up in a and e twice - I felt it was worth going for the pain relief. My GP has since prescribed Codeine and that seems to help me so I manage at home now. Wishing you the best and hope you feel better soon xxx

I went in early last month for the first time, my sister panicked and called 999. The were all quite sympathetic but I was terrified of the response I’d get and if they thought I was wasting there time. The paramedics reassured me it was ok, and they could just get me on some better pain meds. I had morphine, fluids and bloods taken which showed a possible gallbladder issue. As I had 2 sites of pain my usual ‘endo’ pain and this upper abdomen pain which I have now started getting too. I pretty much requested to be sent home with oramorph... and I’m so glad I did as the pain has been back. This Monday we nearly called 999 again but the morphine eventually kicked in. I then phoned the doctor and she even told me that going in to hospital they have the ability to order tests and ultrasounds and get results quicker then she could so if the pain isn’t managed at home to go that route.

Feel better, 😊

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