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Endometriosis UK Helpline 0808 808 2227

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Do you need someone to talk to? Our friendly volunteers all have experience of endometriosis, they can offer support, information or just a friendly listening ear.

You can find out more and see opening times on our website endometriosis-uk.org/helpline

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Hi Lynne, I spoke to Amy on the help line this evening. She was wonderful and I felt so safe and so deeply heard. Her manner and tone were compassionate and caring, along with her sound signposting. She said when she didn’t know things and built a rapport with me quickly and beautifully.

I would highly recommend her to others as an exemplary volunteer full of empathy and compassion for my case.

Please can you share how much I loved chatting with her.

Thank you so so much for listening. That’s all I needed, a safe space to offload and know I am not crazy. I feel so much better and able to carry on advocating for myself for a while longer

I hope to be able to give back too when I can because women, we are incredible 😃🥲

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Lynne_supportAdministrator in reply to 635703

I'm so pleased that speaking to one of the volunteers was so positive for you. Sometimes just having the chance to speak to someone without judgement can help. I will let Amy know that she made a big difference to one of the callers she spoke to. Thank you for letting us know.

Best wishes


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