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Lap found endo

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I habe just had a laparoscopy to look for the pain ive been having. I was more worried they wouldnt find anything but they did find endometriosis.... im still vrey tender but doing fine with the pain meds. I am both relived they found it and ofcouse wondering what will happen next or if ill need more surgery in the future.... this was my first ever operation i am 25 years old. I was quite doubtful they would even find endo as i have not been having heavy pr painful periods..... just alot of pain during sex and any bowel/bladder movments trigger minor to alot of pain. They nevertold me where or how much endo they found sp i will call up to ask this. I feel vrey glad to have found this community and will keep you updated :)

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Hi how are you after the lap?

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