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Recurring endo

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Hi gals I had excision surgery 5 months ago with severe endo all over my pelvic organs n walls. I was diagnosed with adenomyosis aswell. I have opted for hysterectomy. I’m having terrible pain with bloating and trying to pass wind. Could this be more endo? Or the adenomyosis?

Also has anyone had recurring endo after excision surgery?? I’m not on hormonal medication, feed back or stories would be helpful

2 Replies
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Hi I had my first laparoscopy in June 2016 and by September all my symptoms, primarily pain, had returned. I had to have a second surgery in December when my specialist informed me he had found previously unseen endometriosis.

I went off treatment for over a year and was good. That turned out to be a mistake. My symptoms came back a fee months ago and I need to habe surgery soon. Be cautious sometimes we like to think we are cured, but endometriosis is a chronic condition. I hope you fare better than me!

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It doesn’t seem to be the case, faring better I mean. I’m currently sat in the bathroom on Christmas Day rocking in pain while the others have fun downstairs x

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