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Very quick endo referral... what's next 😣


I'll start from the beginning.. always had very heavy very painful periods to the point i would feel close to passing out would go very hot, eyes would go blury and my hearing would go. This happened about 5 times In my teens any place anywhere.. doctors never knew why.. I had a baby 3 years ago and my periods were still heavy but so much less painful..18 months ago I started getting a pain in my belly button area (had a umbilical hernia as a baby) so put it down to that.. obviously this kept happening so went in ended up getting swobs with a smear and nothing came from it.. 4/5 months ago it got unbearable I couldn't lay on my stomach or walk without being hunched over. I booked in again.. went for internal and ultrasound where they found my right overy had over 10 follicles on and was bulging... possible pcos...went for bloods and that was ruled out. Now doctor thinks it could be endometriosis and has referred me to specilist for a camera obviously knowing what some out comes of it is I switched off now he said a camera and pointed to his side.... does he mean another internal exam or key hole. I didn't ask questions I wish I asked.

Thanks all in advance 😘

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Also my heavy 7+ day periods have gone to very light 4 days. Still regular

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